Security Solutions

We offer security solutions that customers can use to protect their computers.

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions such as VistaPOS, SACCO Systems, School Systems, Payroll Systems, ATM (SACCO Link)Integrations

Hardware Solutions

We offer KRA approved fiscal printers to all VAT registered traders in the country

Network Solutions

We provide appropriate Network and Technical solutions to various business entities in the country


E–Clinic is specialized software designed to manage wellness centers.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Safe & Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Solution to Solve Your Data Loss Problems

Asset Management System


The Asset Register Module is the core of the Hardcat Asset Management System, and provides the foundation for optional add-on modules to extend functionality.

It’s designed to collect and deliver in-depth information through easy to use and easy to customise features. Information can be recorded into any of the following categories, as well as sub-catgories which can be created to suit your management needs:

  • Product description
  • Asset type
  • Supplier
  • Location
  • Cost or profit centre or customer name
  • Employee/owner
  • Leased/owned
  • Asset condition
  • Purchase price
  • Insurance value
  • Warranty information
  • End of life
  • Global user definable fields for all assets
  • As well as 9,999 user definable fields per asset type

Detailed reporting is at your fingertips. There are hundreds of standard reports within Hardcat. As well as these out-of-the-box reports, the user is able to create custom reports incorporating any field within Hardcat, even user defined fields.

  • Return on investment
  • Costs and risks
  • Productivity
  • Asset-related decision making
  • Asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue
  • Cost of ownership

The asset register module can handle any type of asset as well as any attribute associated with that asset type.


By automating time intensive audits and data collection, theHardcat Barcoding Module offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets

- from desks, chairs and large mainframe computers, to fax machines, photocopiers, modems, PCs, portables and mobile phones.

Information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader (a Motorola PDA) running an application called “CatScan” specially designed by Hardcat to enable the system user to collect data efficiently, accurately and in an organized and efficient format.

Using predefined lists of various criteria, based on your organization’s unique structure and requirements, Hardcat’s PDA-based solution allows:

  • Consistency of captured data
  • Rapid selection of criteria in drop-down lists or barcode scan-able fields
  • Facility to create new criteria “on the fly”
  • Achievable near-perfect accuracy
  • The amount of time lost through human error to be reduced to an absolute minimum
  • The capture of GPS co-ordinates
  • Photographs to be attached to the asset record to identify the asset or to record the condition of the asset.
  • Comprehensive in-situ exception reporting
  • On-the-spot investigation of what’s still to be audited or sighted…no matter what type of asset…

Parent or Child

Having a complete online picture library of your assets allows you to make informed decisions relating to asset purchases and can reduce your insurance premiums by more than 30%.

  • Automated data collection
  • Total asset visibility
  • Instant asset tracking
  • Quick, simple to use & accurate
  • Labour, time & cost efficient
  • Improved asset security


Hardcat’s Depreciation Module boasts unparalleled flexibility both in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled.Unlike other depreciation solutions, non-depreciable assets such as leased items can be maintained in the same asset database and appear in an asset listing without appearing in the depreciation schedule.

It is also possible for other asset register users (e.g.)

IT staff, maintenance staff) to have their own asset classification system without affecting the asset type structure set up for depreciation purposes.Advanced security ensures against non-finance staff accidentally changing any financial asset values or structures.


A wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia turned to Hardcat as it’s depreciation tool of choice when the established ERP failed to provide the IFRS revaluation capability they required. Hardcat’s Depreciation Module offers considerable time savings with depreciation calculations and corporate reporting:

  • Easy to use and highly configurable - Add, change or dispose of assets, including reversing disposals
  • Run a depreciation calculation as many times within a period as you need
  • Easy transfer of data to and from popular spreadsheet and other applications.
  • New assets are automatically adopted into the correct depreciation class
  • Automate the delivery of PDF’s or Excel spread sheets containing depreciation information via email in a consistent and timely manner
  • Simple access - Disseminate depreciation values across the organisation, filtered accordingly, via HardcatWeb
  • Fraction of the cost of large ERP’s
  • There are multiple books within the system, allowing the user to cater for Tax, Book as well as forecast future depreciation runs. The user will never run out of possibilities as the system caters for 9,999 different sets
  • It is the only regulatory compliant software of its kind and permits ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Able to be integrated with large ERP’s such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics etc


Hardcat will supply you with the complete solution. Our consultants will look at your requirements and source the hardware or barcodes to suit your requirements.


  • Handheld Barcode Readers (many various models)
  • Online Barcode Readers (both connected as well as Wireless & Bluetooth)


  • Laminated
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Steel


  • Hand Held Readers
  • Fixed Readers


  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Steel

Hardcat will source the RFID tag to suit your requirements. Listed below are just a few that we can source for you:

  • RFID for document tracking
  • RFID for tracking of books
  • RFID wrist bands to track people
  • RFID vehicle tags to track vehicles

Let us know what you require & we can source it...

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